Who We Are?

What began in 2013 as “a pad of paper and a dream” is now a national real estate company that handles properties for sales/to rent across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria, covering the 36 states of the country along with the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). The revolutionary South and Sttes Properties concept of enabling realtors and property professionals to maximise their business potential has evolved into a world class organisation handling thousands of reliable properties across Nigeria. South and Sttes Properties, on average,  is a trail blazer in the Nigerian real estate industry.

Success Stories

Our History

  • 2017


    We expand our frontiers in real estate business across Nigeria
    We become a national real estate firm handling properties across the 36 states of Nigeria as well as Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of the country. Most of our properties are however located in Lagos and Abuja, the business capital and the administrative capital of Nigeria respectively.
  • 2016


    We pride ourself as a leading real estate company for properties in Lagos and Abuja
    We did not only meet our business target, we surpassed all our business strategic thresholds set at the beginning of the year. The efficiency of our processes and the professionalism of our staff became the talking points among our clients and property owners.
  • 2015


    South and Sttes Properties became a registered limited liability company
    What began in 2013 as “a pad of paper and a dream”, with strategic plans put in place along with skeletal operations in 2014, became actual reality in 2015. South and Sttes Properties was birthed as a limited liability company.

We offer


We know you have a plan to buy or rent a property, and you have a budget as well. Contact us at South and Sttes Properties to search for the right property for you.

Market Analysis

We understand the real estate market and associated analysis. Contact us at South and Sttes Properties and let’s give you the professional advice you need to thrive in properties business.


Do you want to sell a property? Are you tired of managing your property by yourself? Why not call on us at South and Sttes Properties, and we will take care of all the challenges for you.

Property Insurance

Real estate and property handling is our call at South and Sttes Properties. Insurance is key to safeguard the future. Contact us whenever you want to insure a property.


Don’t sell your property for less. We have a very experienced team of valuers that can guide you to make the right decisions on a property. Just call on us at South and Sttes Properties.

Map Pointing

At South and Sttes Properties, we understand how technology can work for you as you search for a property to buy and/or rent. Don’t “travel” long distances, try the concept of map pointing.

What our clients say about us